Please: do not think of a black cat.

¿Did you think of one?

Of course.  It’s that easy! Juan Esteban enters your mind and amazes you.  He just needs the word and some everyday object, nothing else.  The fact is that his magic lies… (Read more)



Magician of the year 2010 

(Atacamágica, Chile. Elected by chilean magic associations)


Only chilean illusionist ever to perform at the Magic Castle

(Hollywood, U.S.A)


Active member of the prestigious «Jornadas del Escorial»

(Spain, organized by Juan Tamariz)


Perform at the World Cup Derby 2011 «Breakfast with the stars»

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


Creator of «From the Dark»

(Only magic experience in the world that takes place in the darkness. Specially design for blind people)