…….Magic involves working with people. It involves organizing them, motivating them and above all understanding their needs and desires. Any magic process enters the way we perceive and interpret ourselves and the environment and creates a new “reality” in which there are no limits. Juan Esteban Varela’s background as a lawyer, in conjunction with more than 20 years studying the principles of illusion, had allow him to participate with several companies in their own history of team building, creative thinking, and successful communication. Instead of merely exposing these concepts he turns them into specific experiences that are both self-transforming and entertaining. Here are some examples:

1) The Invisible Experience (workshop: 3 hours). A combination of “From The Dark” and the sharing of a few secrets after which everyone in the room needs to work with the others to become a magician.

2) The Fascinating Impossible (Show/Lecture: 30 minutes). A glance at the principles involved in communicating with a group, selling the illusion and persuading others into believe that something is amazing.

3) Creating Creativity (Show/Lecture: 30 minutes). Juan Esteban Varela’s personal approach to the process of working with passion and changing over and over the perspective whether to find a solution, to improve something or simply to start a new project.

…….The relations between the art of magic and the corporate world are endless. That is why, giving the proper timeframe, it is always possible to create a tailor-made presentation for the specific needs of an individual company.   Don’t hesitate to contact us in order to share your thoughts and ideas.