Uncertain Miracles

UNCERTAIN MIRACLES is the new mentalism show, from Chilean illusionist Juan Esteban Varela.  This show has been presented in Spain, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, with excellent comments and reception from the audience.

UNCERTAIN MIRACLES is a stage or a salon show, created for a very demanding audience.  Mixing statistics with psychological techniques with skills typical of illusionism, Juan Esteban develops various games and intellectual intrigues that make the spectators lose themselves within the limits of what’s real, between what is possible and what isn’t.

UNCERTAIN MIRACLES involves the spectators directly, making them become part of the mystery and the impossible.  Juan Esteban unveils people’s thoughts, or who is lying, or he can influence the decisions from the other spectators among the audience, without them suspecting how this happened.

The duration of the show is 1 hour.